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Noosh Naturals

Malaysian-based natural care brand, Noosh Naturals is the brainchild of Dr. Anusha Nair, who spent countless hours treating patients in her family clinic, over the years.

A trained medical practitioner, Dr. Anusha always kept a firm root in the practice of alternative natural care, which she incorporated, in her holistic approach to treatments for her patients.

The defining moment came a couple of years back when her son had severe bouts of eczema. All modern methods were good at alleviating the symptoms but never providing a lasting relieve. A mother’s instinct and love, coupled with meticulous medicinal approaches drove Dr. Anusha to source and test a multitude of natural ingredients culminating in the creation of Noosh Naturals.

She always says that “Noosh Naturals happened because it needed to happen!”. 


*As Noosh Naturals products are handmade, to ensure freshness, each order of their products will come directly from Noosh Naturals headquarters.