Welcome! Selamat Datang!
Welcome! Selamat Datang!
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Shipping Policy

  • All packaging is PLASTIC-FREE*
  • We currently ship within Malaysia

West Malaysia : RM10

East Malaysia: RM15


Our domestic logistics partner is City-Link Express 




  • Shipping within West Malaysia takes 2-4 days while shipping to East Malaysia can take 3-5 days. 
  • Orders will only be processed after proof of payment has been emailed. Reply to our Confirmation email with your proof of purchase. Instagram DMs will not be accepted.
  • Orders placed after 2pm will be processed the next day
  • We shall provide a tracking number once proof of payment has been emailed within 2 days
  • If there are any complaints regarding the shipping or packaging, please email us at curlrinting@gmail.com 


*unless the existing plastic wrapping is important for the product integrity