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Fix My Curls 5 Step Moisture Bundle
Fix My Curls 5 Step Moisture Bundle
Fix My Curls 5 Step Moisture Bundle
Fix My Curls 5 Step Moisture Bundle
Fix My Curls 5 Step Moisture Bundle
Fix My Curls 5 Step Moisture Bundle
Fix My Curls

Fix My Curls 5 Step Moisture Bundle

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This is the Fix My Curls full, 5 Step Wash Day + Curl Quenching bundle! This bundle has every 250 mL & 200 mL bottle of pure moisture goodness that your hair needs. 

STEP 1 - Cleansing Shampoo

STEP 2 - Everyday Moisturizing Shampoo

STEP 3 - Hydrating Deep Conditioner

STEP 4 - Curl Quenching Hair Butter

STEP 5 - Curl Quenching Flax Seed Gelly

Customer Reviews

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Anusha Palaniandy
Great results with AND without a diffuser

I've tried the Protein bundle before and thought of switching it up and using the Moisture bundle this time. Really loved the outcome from air drying and diffusing. Quite reasonable pricing and I'm enjoying my curly hair journey a lot more now with these easy-to-use products :)

Great value for money bundle

Hair type: wavy, thick, low porosity

Decided to try the travel-sized version of this bundle, loved that it came with a cute little bag and instruction booklet!

STEP 1 - Cleansing Shampoo: Easily my favourite of the bundle. I do sometimes dip into products that are not CGM, and while the Cleansing Shampoo won't strip your hair completely like a full reset shampoo, it's still good enough to give you a mini-reset from all that build-up, to revive your curls.

STEP 2 - Everyday Moisturizing Shampoo: Pleasant scent, and didn't irritate my scalp.

STEP 3 - Hydrating Deep Conditioner: Equal performance to Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner. I left it in for about ten minutes while continuing my shower routine. However, had to use significant amounts for good effect.

STEP 4 - Curl Quenching Hair Butter: Also another star of the show. Love, love how lightweight and moisturizing it is

STEP 5 - Curl Quenching Flax Seed Gelly: Tried very hard to love this one, but couldn't get over how sticky it made my hair feel (experimented with a tiny dollop size, praying hands, the works). Once applied, it took forever for me to diffuse my hair. I think it suits curly hair, but may be a bit too heavy for wavies like me.

Verdict: Well worth the money, will restock on most items but the flax seed gelly.

Awesome bundle to revive curls

It’s been exactly one month since I use these products. I love everything to bits because now, I finally found products tjat can tame my curls and make it more refined. I was unhappy with the condition of my curly hair but now no more. Washing days become easier and a lot more fun now & the smell… the smell’s so nice it left your hair smelling sweet & bouncy. Totally recommended & will definitely coming back to restock some of these very soon :)