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FREE SHIPPING : >RM150 (WM) / >RM200 (EM) / >RM300 (SG)
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Ashba Botanics

Named after creator Asha Barrak, Ashba Botanics is the FIRST curly hair care brand in India bringing carefully formulated products with naturally derived & safe ingredients.

The brand is an effort to lead on the revolution among the curly and wavy haired. It started from the curly hair movement brought about in India by creator Asha Barrak.

Asha started the first ever curly hair care blog in India, Right Ringlets, in 2014 to share her knowledge of the RIGHT way to take care of naturally curly and wavy hair. 
Being curly haired herself, she knew the struggle that a curly has to face everyday. 

To further the movement, she created the famous Indian curly hair community, ‘Indian Curl Pride’ on FB to help Indian Curlies embrace their natural hair. The community aims to make Curlies proud of their natural hair rather than resent it for being curly. Teaching the next generation to love their hair from childhood.


Where do they source ingredients from?

They like to use manufacturers who have a great reputation in the industry & ones who spend a great amount of time, effort & money on testing the quality of their ingredients. They do a microbiology test once they receive the ingredient and make sure it is up to the quality and passes the required parameters.


All bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastics. The raw material used to make the bottles is also made of 100% PCR (Post-consumer resin) previously recycled plastic material. They use 100% biodegradable cleansers in our shampoo. The prime conditioning agent in the conditioner is 100% biodegradable and cosmos approved.

Manufacturing Facility

They also comply with all the Good manufacturing practices set by the FDA. Their manufacturing units are GMP certified from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of India.

Cruelty free, 100% Vegan


Mineral Oil
Drying Alcohol
Artificial Colour
Propylene Glycol
Heavy metals